1.Imaginary Mirror

Pressing Info:


SIX WEEKS RECORDS (2005): (tracks 1-11 only)

3.Too High To Die 1st Press: 1000 on black vinyl
4.Thanks Anyways 2nd Press: 500 on Blue vinyl
5.Teenage Rebel 3rd Press: 500 on Orange vinyl
6.The Worm ANNIHILATE RECORDS (2007): (original master w/ extra song)
7.Panic 1st Press: 500 on black vinyl sold out
8.Fast Forward To The Gore 2nd Press: 1000 on black vinyl
9.Yuppie Killer  
10.Bigger Problems *originally released on CD by Manic Ride Records (tracks 1-11 only)
11.Bl'ast Off  
12.Power of One  
*CD bonus tracks* Tankcrimes Records Pressing Info:
from the Cosmic Unconsciousness EP: 1st press: 500 blue/silver vinyl w/ blue cover and labels
13.Reality? 2nd press: 200 black/blue vinlyl, 500 green vinyl 300 black vinyl w/ green cover and labels
14.Feel It 3rd press: 1000 black vinyl w/ orange cover and labels
15.Annihilate 4th press: 1000 black vinyl w/ purple cover and labels
from the Bad Reputation EP:

Dead Alive Records Pressing Info:

16.Fast Forward To The Gore 1st press: 200 purple vinyl, 800 black vinyl
17.Rock 'n' Roll California OUT OF PRINT
18.Bad Reputation